Wednesday 26 August 2009

Maya da Dhaba, Surry Hills

Maya da Dhaba in Surry Hills is my favourite Indian Restaurant in Sydney. Mr Ladybird and I frequent the restaurant at least once a fortnight, and we really have a good time when we visit. So we headed there once again last night.

The service is good, and the head waiter Gary knows us by name and always makes sure that we are well looked after. He knows where we perfer to sit; what we like to drink; and, he can usually predict what dishes we will order!

Some of my favourite dishes are the Vegetable Navrattan Korma, the Panir Ka Salan. It's not on the menu, but sometimes Gary has the chef make me Cheese and spinach naan - one of my favourites! But last night our order was a little different. We ordered the Paneer ka Salan, which is strips of paneer sauted with capsicum, onion , spices and finished with fresh tomatoes and coriander. Our second dish was Punjabi Baingan which is baby eggplant pan fried with tomatoes, chillies, onions and spices. To go with that we ordered Roti, a Kashmiri Naan and of course Rice. The food, needless to say, was excellent. The only diappointment for me was the Kashmiri Naan which is traditionally a sweeter naan, filled with dried fruit and coconut. But it was way too sweet, and the crunch of the sugar sprinkled inside was a bit unpleasant, so I gave up on it. That teaches me for being too adventurous! (should have listened to Mr Ladybird's caution on that one...)

Despite that, the food at Maya is very good, and authentically north Indian, and I love that you never have to say mild, medium or hot when you order - you pretty much get it just as it would be made back in India. Incidentally, this makes Maya da Dabha a great place for us to bring guests for dinner when we have family/friends from India staying with us - we can be sure that our guests will not be disappointed.

On it only scores a rating of 6.9 which really surprises me. Maybe it is too authentic for some (?). At any rate, I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for an authentic Indian meal in Sydney.




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