Sunday 22 November 2009

Good Chef, Bad Chef

This is my new favourite food show on TV!

It stars the charming Gary from Masterchef (bad chef) and Janella Purcell (good chef). I had never heard of Janella before watching this show, but I have quickly become a BIG fan. I love her approach to cooking - she is big on flavour, but also big on nutrition and even approaches food as medicine. She does loads of vegetarian dishes, and as she cooks she shares lots of nutritional information about food which is great ! For example, did you know that certain seaweeds contain 100 times more calcium than cow's milk?! I hear she is releasing a cookbook next year, I can't wait to get my hands on it :)

Gary as well all know takes a bit of a different approach to his food... definitely more on the indulgent side. As you may recall from Masterchef, his "a little bit of butter" probably means a a tad more than a bit! haha :)

But the two really complement each other... The way they interact and joke with each other in the show is funny and keeps it light-hearted. All in all Good Chef Bad Chef is a show that has something for everyone.
Foxtel - Lifestyle Channel


  1. i don't have foxtel but got to watch a couple of these shows while waiting in a client room at a printer and really enjoyed them. they work really well together and it's quite funny :-)

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