Tuesday 8 December 2009

Raj Restaurant, Singapore

Greetings from Singapore! Mr Ladybird and I touched down here late last night and spent today rushing around doing some last minute shopping before we fly out to India tonight. We also got ourselves a new camera - can't wait to try it out on the trip! At any rate, all that shopping makes for a very hungry traveller, so we stopped by Little India for some lunch.

We both ordered Chole Batura - a very traditional North Indian dish. The chole is the yummy chickpea curry, and the batura are these oversized hot, and crispy puris. They are enjoyed with raw onion, and we also had some cooling raita on the side. The raita was very good - the yoghurt was freshly made and was cooling on the palate.

So a very enjoyable lunch indeed. This airconditioned, vegetarian oasis was a much needed ecscape from the heat, hustle and bustle on the streets of Singapore today.

Anyway, I had better sign off for now... Stay tuned for posts coming soon from India!

Take care for now,

Ladybird x


  1. Wow, holidays always mean seeing different things and trying out different foods. Hope you have a great time!

  2. Chickpea curry is one of my favourites. I love Indian food but I like their vegetarian food the best.

  3. wow...that batura looks so impressive, so puffed up. I would love to try that. This is such a healthy meal.

  4. YUM! Everything looks and sounds absolutely delicious! Can't wait for the post from India!


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