Tuesday 20 April 2010

Ladybird is back!

Dear Readers,

Oh how I've missed you all!

After a very long hiatus, I'm back! I am sorry to have dropped off the radar all of a sudden... I was not particularly well earlier in the year, so it was time to take stock of my health and my lifestyle. I have actually given up sugar (shock horror- I know!), but I feel a lot better for it. I have a lot more energy and I'm not complaining about the weight loss either ;)

I've made some big changes, and some of these changes mean that my kitchen is no longer a factory for sweet treats every other day. These changes will also mean the way I blog will be a bit different from now on...

I will certainly still be making tasty sweet treats and sharing the recipes with you. My friends and famly would be up in arms at the suggestion that I quit baking and, if I am to be totally honest, I still do love baking and it makes me smile :) But...  I'll also be sharing more savoury recipes from now - healthy, delicious and easy vegetarian recipes to tempt you :)

So stay tuned for some fresh posts. It feels great to be back already :)

Ladybird x


  1. Welcome back Anna!
    I can't imagine giving up sugar, but good on you! Good thing you can still bake delicious foods without sugar :)

  2. welcome back! sad that you had to give up sugar but your health is definitely important!

  3. yay, welcome back! Looking forward to seeing savory foods too, I cook savory much more often than sweet too. As much as I would like to cook sweets every day, it would be no good for the waistline!
    So whats first on the menu? ;)


  4. Hooray.. your back. 'Bout time! Just kidding!

  5. Thanks guys! Am working on my next post and it will be up soon :)

  6. Welcome back, Ladybird! Was wondering where you'd got to after your trip to India. Sorry to hear about the health issues but yay that you are feeling better. Looking forward to the new direction of the blog =)

  7. Good to see you're back to blogging :)


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