Saturday 31 July 2010

Botannix Studio Café, Botany

Botany and its surrounding suburbs is a growing area in south-eastern Sydney, with more and more people attracted to its green surroundings and more relaxed pace. And where there are people, there are places to eat. Cafés, restaurants and bakeries are growing in number in the area. Some have been around for a while, such as Brasserie Bread in Banksmeadow. Last Sunday I headed to Botany to Botannix Studio Café with my friend *Ranger Stacey* (my new nickname for her - she's good with animals!) for a leisurely breakfast after a big night with the girls the day before.

Much needed morning caffeine
Botannix is different kind of café because it isn't only a café - it also has an adjoining yoga studio, sun-drenched courtyard and its very own organic vegetable garden.
Street front

Antique bottles
The menu is quite extensive, with lots of options, including vegetarian and gluten-free dishes. Meals are around the $15 mark, and coffees are of a standard price.

The food and coffee was ok, but my favourite aspect of this café was the ambiance and decor. It reminded me and Ranger Stacey so much of Byron Bay. Everything from the yoga studio at the back, to the veggie garden, to the beautiful photographs  adorning the walls, homely wooden furnishings and thoughtful finishing touches.

The service was friendly and attentive and I would definitely like to head back to Botannix to try some of their baked goods including fresh muffins, breads and slices. They all looked good but unfortunately I was a little full to sample them after my hearty breakfast!

25 Swinbourne St, Botany
Ph: (02) 9666 7315

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  1. You really have been going to some lovely places lately.
    The idea of the yoga classes, cafe and veggie garden all in one is brilliant, I bet its a popular place. Everything looks lovely!


  2. looks and sounds great. what a great cafe. by the way was trying to find it on google map and noticed your address isn't quite correct. i believe it's Swinbourne St not Swinburne St :-) i must remember to visit this place.

  3. Thanks Simon, will correct it

  4. so um what was the second dish?

  5. My friend had second dish which was 'green eggs' - eggs with fetta and green pesto - doesn't look look much, but it was good! :)

  6. Nothing like a nice brekkie to get over the night before! looks like a lovely little cafe!

  7. I agree, the ambience looks like the enticement to visit. How lovely.

  8. Looks so lovely, perhaps a trip down to Botany of my next day off =)

  9. Working in Mascot it's hard to believe nice little places like Botannix exist! I'll drop by one day.


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