Friday 18 October 2013

A long overdue update

How. Time. FLIES!

I can't believe it has almost been one year since my last post telling you all about my little boy's first birthday! There is so much to catch up on I don't even know where to begin... There have been many many changes in the past year, and consequently my once well loved blog has fallen by the wayside. I apologise, dear followers, and will do my utmost best to bring it back to life with attempted regular care and attention!

Ahh, so where shall I start? Well, my family and I moved to Brisbane at the end of last year. We miss Sydney terribly, but the wonderful thing about being in Queensland is that I have family support here. As those of you with little ones will understand, sometimes having that kind of support is utterly precious! We have settled into life here in Brisbane's western suburbs, and although we do not eat out as much as we once did, have discovered some nice places for food and coffee here (which of course I have been meaning to, and most certainly will, now share with you through this blog!)

The second major change in my life, has been this beautiful little addition to our family - Ananya. The name 'Ananya' comes from Sanskrit and means 'one without equal'.

She was born at the Wesley Hospital in July. I developed a serious condition in my final trimester which posed a significant risk to her wellbeing, and so I need to be induced. Little Ananya arrived 3 weeks early but without any major issues. The care at the hospital was outstanding, and my obstetrician Dr Pauline Joubert was amazing both throughout my prenatal care and at the delivery. I can't believe our little girl is already three months old! She grows more and more beautiful by the day. 

The above photo was part of the newborn shoot we did with her when she was 7 days old. The photos are breathtaking... We had them done by Luisa Dunn Photography here is Brisbane. Luisa is one very talented lady, I highly recommend her if you are looking for someone to capture precious portraits of little ones.

Our other little person, Roman, is now two years old! We celebrated his birthday last weekend and I look forward to posting about that soon. He has grown into the most beautiful little boy. Very gregarious, inquisitive and loving, and so far a pretty good elder brother too!

So with an interstate move, a rambunctious two year old, and a new baby, there has not been a great deal of time left for myself, my blog or my cake work. However, where there is a will there IS a way, and I am determined to find a balance for myself. My two little ones will always be my first priority, but now more than ever I feel it is important to reserve some 'me time' for things that I am passionate about. Whether it be taking a long walk, cooking a healthy meal, or creating a beautiful cake for a client - these acts all feed the soul and give me the energy I need! Many of my followers are regular bloggers in their own right as well as mothers and working women - I take my hat off to you, ladies!

Please stay tuned for my next post with lots from Roman's second birthday party - it was a blast!

Anna x


  1. Anna, it is so lovely to see a post from you! What a lucky mama you are, Ananya is so precious - and what a beautiful name!

    Can't wait to see pics from Roman's party and find out how you've been doing! Xx

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