Saturday 18 September 2010

Bodhi in the Park, Sydney CBD

There's something special about yum cha that makes it just perfect on weekends. The way you dine when having yum cha - a little bit of this, a little bit of that, sipping on tea, chatting with friends - it simply says... It's the weekend, relax!

Mr Ladybird and I headed to Bodhi in the Park last weekend where we met up with friends H and Z for yum cha together. For Mr Ladybird and I, it was our first visit to the venue and we were astonished when the address in hand lead us to a restaurant inconspicuously nestled right behind the cathedral and Phillip Park swimming pool on College Street in the city. We have both walked along College Street so many times but had never noticed the restaurant!

Bodhi in the Park is a popular Sydney fixture and has been there for some 20 years and is a family-run business.

It was a beautiful Spring afternoon, so we were only too happy to join other patrons outside in the dappled sunlight, so we make our way to a table outside to join our friends. While putting my bag down, an older lady working at the restaurant (a manager, possibly), bumps into me while getting past me and I almost fall down the stairs to the lower terrace area in the process! I let out a squeal and grab hold of the railing, all of which goes unnoticed by the staff member, and without apology.

We laugh it off as I take a seat, and the fantastic range of yum cha dishes starts rolling out of the kitchen fast.

Wait staff circulate with trays of delicious (and vegan!) goodies.. if you see something you fancy, you just take it and the waitress makes a note on the bill on your table.

Dumplings, spring rolls, wonton and more! Here are some pictures of the food we enjoyed on the day.

I also ordered some jasmine tea,which was lovely. Other patrons enjoyed beautiful looking juices along with their food.

And to finish off, a waitress offers us some dessert. At this stage we are all feeling rather fall, so we opt for some freshly cut fruit.

All in all, a very satisfying meal. And not bad either, for about $20 per person. Bodhi in the Park is definitely worth checking out if you are looking for a nice yum cha... I absolutely preferred this to the weekend yum cha at Green Gourmet in Newtown. Although the service is lacking in many aspects at Bodhi in the Park, the food is very good.

Bodhi in the Park
Cook and Phillip Park
College St, Sydney
Ph: (02) 9360 2523
Yum cha daily 10am - 4pm

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  1. Do you know what, ive never actually had a meal of chinese food that ive enjoyed. Im always hesitant to try any asian themed food because of that :( oh wait I take that back, I have had delicious spring rolls a couple of times :)
    Although the food you enjoyed looks almighty good! And really all vegan?


  2. I love eating outside when the weather is nice! The food looks really good and super fresh!

  3. Hi Rose, I'd really recommend giving more Asian vegan cuisine a go, there's great variety out there. Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese... fresh flavours, great textures and great flavours!

    Hi Kristy, yes it's lovely eating outside when the weather's good, especially like it is in Sydney nowadays :)

  4. Wow looks absolutely delish! And such a lovely location too.

  5. That sounds lovely! I've always wondered what it is like there so thankyou! :D

  6. mmmm I'm seriously overdue for yum cha. Wish a yum cha cart would pass through my office :P

  7. Yum! I went to Bodhi a few years ago and loved that it was all vegetarian yum cha. Thanks for reminding me it's time for another visit.

  8. I used to go to Bodhis when it was still in was in a great big old building on Hay Street (I think). Your photos look so great - I'm keen to try it out in it's new location (hope I don't get pushed down the stairs though).

  9. I haven't had vegetarian yum cha for over ten years so it's good to know there is a good one here in Sydney. Might take my friend there for his birthday.

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