Saturday 11 September 2010

Peace Harmony, Sydney CBD

Although I live close to the city, I rarely venture into the CBD, especially for food. In Sydney we are very fortunate to have an abundance of good places to eat not matter where you are. However, I had heard good things about Peace Harmony and was glad to have the opportunity to try it out when Mr Ladybird and I attended a small family birthday celebration there on Monday evening.

Peace Harmony offers Thai vegetarian cuisine, and is a popular lunch venue for city workers. Peace Harmony have two eateries within stones distance of each other. The restaurant is located on Erskine Street and the Takeaway is on King Street.

We are quickly seated by a friendly staff member. Despite front of house being very quiet (a Monday night, understandable), we are seated in a back corner of the restaurant in a very squashy table that requires us to hold our breath as we slide awkwardly into our seats. I begin to wonder how we will all extract ourselves from the table once our bellies are full! We laugh it off and the birthday girl opens up her gifts.

As there were quite a few of us vegetarians dining, we peruse the menu thoroughly but have trouble deciding what to choose. So we order a double serve of the Mixed Entree ($14) as well as some Soy Chicken Satay Sticks ($6). All the items were delicious and we polish them off in no time. The satay sticks are especially delicious, but my only complaint was that the satay sauce itself was cold.

After our shared entree, we receive our main dishes and we hungrily tuck in. Our mains are enjoyable, and the serving sizes generous.

Red Curry ($12.80)

Crispy Beancurd ($12.80)

Paw Paw Salad ($12.80)

BBQ Soy Chicken ($12.80)

Green Curry ($12.80)

Noodle Chilli Basil ($12.80)

Vego or not, I recommend you give Peace Harmony a go if you are looking for a nice Thai lunch in Sydney city. All dishes at Peace Harmony are MSG free and (get this!) contain no onion or garlic! It's good value, quick and tasty :)

Peace Harmony
14 Erskine St, Sydney
Ph: (02) 9262 2247

29 King St, Sydney


  1. argh- annoying to be seated in a squishy spot but looks like good Vego food!

  2. Looks like some really tasty dishes and great prices too! I guess you must have squeezed out of the table ok if you're able to post about it ;)


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