Sunday 3 October 2010

High Tea at Centennial Vineyards, Bowral

I recently wrote about my recent visit to the 2010 Tulip Time festival in Bowral, located in the beautiful NSW Southern Highlands. It was a long weekend for Mr Ladybird and I, and I was keen to enjoy some good food and wine during our trip. I really wanted to try a high tea in the country and, although Mr Ladybird was not particular keen (high tea being too "girly" and all), he agreed on the condition that we'd visit Bradman Oval at some point, which I was more than happy to do.

We arrive at Centennial Vineyards on a beautiful Spring afternoon (not at all rainy like this weekend in NSW) and we drive up the winding, gravel road. I tend to notice "crunchy" driveways more than the average person because my dad has a bit of a thing for them, and would always remark on lovely "crunchy paths" when we were growing up.

We arrive at the Centennial Vineyard restaurant which is an impressive sight, oozing country charm. We site in an area of the restaurant overlooking the vines. I can see why the space is a popular venue for weddings. Complete with a huge open fire place, it is a very elegant space.

I talk Mr Ladybird through how high tea works as this is his first experience, and we place our drink orders. Earl grey tea for me, a flat white for Mr Ladybird in need of a bigger caffeine hit.

Shortly after our high tea stand arrives, laden with lovely sweet and savoury treats for us to share. "Now what am I supposed to do?" Mr Ladybird whispers cautiously.. "Tuck in!" I reply making a bee-line for the top tier.

The top tier offers us fresh egg, and cheese and salad sandwiches alongside shot glasses of lovely hot pumpkin soup.

The obligatory scones with jam and cream are delicious, and I especially love that the scones are warm. I'm really starting to brag about this high tea now, aren't I?! :P

Finally, the middle tier.. which houses a trio of delectable treats... all of which are describe as "To die for" in the words of Mr Ladybird, who isn't a sweets person at all. I couldn't agree more. The sweets are not too sweet and simply beautiful! Warm sticky date pudding, chocolate mousse with passionfruit coulis (a surprising and delightful combination) and little pieces of nougat.

For $28 per person, I was very impressed with this high tea. It's a big call, but I am comfortable in going so far as to say that this food was the best food I've had at any high tea to date. It was superb, and far better value than the high teas I've attended in Sydney at a much heftier bill.

I'm so glad Mr Ladybird enjoyed his first high tea... but I can't see him rushing out for another. He's definitely more of a 'drinks with the guys down at the pub' kind of person, and that's fine. He was a very good sport, and he did get to see the Bradman Oval as per our agreement :)

High Tea at Centennial Vineyards Restaurant
252 Centennial Rd, Bowral NSW
Monday to Friday, 11am to 4pm
Packages from $28 per person

For more information, click here

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  1. I've never seen pumpkin soup in latte cups on a top tier before :P haha
    Also sticky date pudding as well...yum! this is def diff than the other high teas ive been to! too bad its so far :(

  2. I love seeing the high teas you go to! Always makes me feel like making scones :)
    Everything looks yummy, I love the idea for the pumpkin soup too.


  3. This pictures are so amazing :) I would love to try it! I'm planning a trip next year to my aunt in Melbourne so I might just try that out :D

  4. naw that's so cute my ladybird experiencing his first high tea! lol i too love crunchy pathways hehe

  5. I'm sold! Definitely dragging Mr. Kitchen Hand and the kids down to this soon as I can. I love ambience :)

  6. Hey I've been meaning to visit this place (it's just so far for me!), and it looks really nice!

  7. I've been to Bowral lots of times, how did I miss this place?! Definitely have to go next time. It really does look scrumptious and great value too!

  8. How absolutely gorgeous! Most envious.

  9. Nice to see our local places profiled so fabulously in your blog! Centennial is our grandest vineyard restaurant. The chef Robin Murray is a great supporter of local produce too which I love because we run food tours in the Southern Highlands visiting the local producers. All helps to put this beautiful area on the map as a food destination - which it is!


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