Wednesday 6 October 2010

Reverie Room & a Giveaway!

Last month I happened to be in Kensington while UNSW Open Day was on. I heard that there were some markets on, and that there would be many College of Fine Arts (COFA) students selling their creative wares at the event. I thought I'd check it out, and I was so glad I did. On the day, however, I did not have my camera on me, but luckily the girls were able to provide me some great shots for you to peruse in this post.

Whenever I visit markets of any sort really, I often feel amazed by the amount of creativity and talent out there. I then often reflect on the fact that such people do not often get the exposure that they perhaps deserve in light of their skills and abilities. So it is in this headspace that I decided to introduce you to this little label I discovered at the market - Reverie Room.

As you will see from some of their creations, there is quite a bit of food inspiration here. Not quite edible, but beautiful nonetheless! Cards, jewellery, felt items, and more...

Berry cakes, anyone?
Felt-cake ring  

I asked Jacqueline and Wendy, the creators behind Reverie Room, to tell me about more about the label.

How did Reverie Room get started?

We’ve been designing & making things to sell at our campus’ annual design market throughout our years at uni. Now that we’re almost graduating, we want to get more serious in our designing+making, thus we came up with Reverie Room. It is also a pathway to get our creations exposed to more people outside. We’ve also always been working together on our assignments, so we know that we have built up a good team. The name Reverie Room came up during our tea-time, while chatting about our dreams & ambitions in life. We’re both dreamers, that’s why the name “Reverie Room” fits us well!

How would you describe your collection?

The brooch-frame-card is our first category of cards to fulfill our loves and ambition in creating products for people to share their happiness with their beloved. We also want to pass on our blessings and happiness to anyone who receives our card from their friend. Don’t you think that is a great way to spread the happiness?

The images on the cards are a combination of our snap shoot together with our hand-drawn illustrations. We love photography and we just snap away at beautiful things (especially FOOD), so we thought it wonderful to use some of our favourite photos on our cards.

More beautiful cards
Besides the cards, we also have a range of older works. It consists of needle-felted cakes & doughnuts; besides looking tasty, they can be used as brooches or rings. We will expand our needle-felted range – we are considering the possibilities of introducing a limited edition series of ‘blind box’ needle-felted items. Stay tuned for our latest news!

How does food inspire your work?

Both FOOD and DESIGN are two of our biggest loves in life – and they do relate to each other (for us anyway). We always come up with ideas, concepts, get inspired or struck by epiphanies during our dinner-outings, over dessert (our favourite!) or drinks.

What's your favourite piece at the moment?

Jacqueline: My favourite piece is the crane “Good Luck” brooch-frame-card because it has a dreamy feel to it – cranes hanging from the sky, above a cruise ship that would take you to a dreamy surreal land where everything is beautiful (and maybe full of yummy food too!)
As for the needle-felted cakes, my favourite is the blueberry-topped cake, as I like anything with blueberries in/on it!

Wendy: For the cards, “You Are Beautiful” is my choice, which is attached with a flower brooch and a creamy rainbow color tone; the whole combination is light-hearted. I would be touched without doubt regardless who the sender is.

For the felted cakes, as they are my favorites, I love them all! However if I can only choose one of them, I would love to have the one with blueberries topping; they look the most delicious among all!

Mmmm.. blueberries...
How can people find out more about Reverie Room?
We have a group on Facebook – just search “Reverie Room” and you’ll find us. We are also selling our cards on and

If you have any special requests, ie. custom-made cards, needle-felted items or anything design, feel free to email us at


Thanks to Reverie Room, one lucky reader has the chance to win this lovely bundle of items from the label, including a card, needle-felt cake and necklace.

To enter, simply comment on this post! This giveaway is restricted to Australian residents only sorry. Entries close October 13, 2010 at midnight AEST.

This giveaway has now closed. Congratulations to JanJan!
Ladybird x


  1. Wow these girls are so creative! I love it what they've done using felt, I used to do a bit with it myself but I would've never been able to do anything this pretty! This is a great giveaway!

  2. OMG!!! HOW GORGEOUS!!!! sooo creative!! hehehe would love to have a little berry cake ring on my fingers! :)

  3. Food and art a perfect combination, I really like the good luck crane cards, think it would be good luck to the recipient to just to get one.

  4. Love the ring with blueberries felt cake!

    They are truely beautiful collections! Food and Art, I can see the heart and uniqueness there- sth that we girls should celebrate for.

    you girls rock :) Keep living the dreams! keep spreading out happiness with your talent!

  5. Such sweet things, especially the card!
    I love how the girls set up their stall at the market too. I havent been to a market in a while, maybe this weekend seen as we finally have some lovely weather :) is it warming up in Sydney too?


  6. I always love cakes and don't have to worry if these ones are gluten free! Keep creating and loving what you do!

  7. I've missed out on this year's COFA festival, I went last year and the range of things people made blew me away; like you, they are so creative!

    These food inspired creations are so cute!

  8. how scrumptious! i wonder if they've got a macaron ring in the making? these tasty treats truly do look too good to eat! :)

  9. Dear Diary of a Ladybird, thank you so much for the goodies! They are just gorgeous! Thanks again!!!


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