Monday 29 November 2010

Couture Cake Class

Several weeks ago I was delighted to attend a cake class in the Sydney CBD hosted by Couture Cake Classes. As many of my regular readers will know, I do love decorating with fondant! On this occasion the task was to recreate a decorated small round, one tier cake with stripes and a candle - very sweet in more ways than one ;)

First we were all provided with our cake, ready to be cut into 3 even(ish) layers and then brushed with syrup and ganached between the layers.

Creating a perfectly(ish, again!) ganached cake takes time, but it is important. During the class, Louise provided us with lots of tips and guidance to ensure a good foundation for the really fun part - decorating wtih fondant!

We then brush our cakes all over with syrup before moving on to colour our fondant ready for decorating.

We then roll out the white fondant to cover the cake before decorating with coloured fondant. We buff and smooth, buff and smooth until we have a nice even surface.

Then we transfer the cake to our fondant covered cake board and get set for adding the stripes and melted wax effect top.

Finished with a candle created by twisting thin fondant rolls around a bamboo skewer, our cakes are finished! It was a great feeling of accomplishment as everyone stood back and admired their work.

Thanks again to Sharon, Louise and Lilia for hosting such a wonderful and educational cake experience!

If you'd like to find out more about Couture Cake Classes, why not check them out at their stall at the upcoming MasterChef Live Australia event in Sydney from December 10-12 where they will also be running free cupcake decorating demonstrations.

PLUS thanks to Couture Cake Classes, readers of Diary of a Ladybird are eligible for a 10% discount on classes! To be eligible simply enter the promotional code 'ladybird' when you sign up for a class. The 2011 class schedule is out now, so check it out!

Couture Cake Classes
Sydney, NSW

*** Ms Ladybird attended this class as a guest of Couture Cake Classes ***


  1. oh my gosh Lady Bird- these are absolutely gorgeous!! I am going to track down a class to do in Bris because fondant decorating really is fun, and these look divine!

  2. Pretty! I always think these simple ones look so classy!

  3. Wow your cakes are always stunning! Cake decorating has always been up on my lists of things to learn. There's just so much fun to be had with fondant :)

  4. Holy cow! This is beautiful Cheers to you. Love the cake.

  5. Youve done a wonderful job again with the cake decorating! I bet it was a fun class to attend.


  6. All the cakes look amazing! You are amazing with fondant! A great idea for a cake :)

  7. What an awesome class! I've just recently started playing with fondants and I have to say we nave had our moments!! Oh and Anna, I have ganache envy- that is one perfect cake!

  8. These cakes are stunning! I am impressed by your talent!
    If only there would have this kind of classes here...
    Do you make the fondant yourself or do you buy it ready-made? I can't find fondant here and the online one is outrageously expensive, so I was wondering if making one's fondant is a feasible thing or not :-)

  9. Great job! Mud cake is a great improvement over the old style fruit cake too.

  10. Hi GG - yes, do a class.. so much fun! Unfortunately Couture Cake Classes don't run Brisbane classes, but perhaps you could find someone else who does (?)

    Hi Suze - thanks, hun!

    Hi Shannon - yes, I like the simple ones too

    Hi Karen - Nice to hear from you, and thank you!

    HI Velva - thank you!

    Hi Rose - yes, it was a blast :)

    JCG - thank you!

    Gianna - Playing with fondant is a lot of fun, huh?! Just like grown ups' playdough!

    Hi Sweet Artichoke - It is possible to make your own fondant, but despite being pretty much made from sugar and water, it is very labour intensive to achieve a smooth, lump-free product. Even the professionals here don't bother making their own... Maybe you could hunt down your local cake decorator and ask them where they get their supply (?)

    Hi InTolerant Chef - I agree... I don't know anyone who wants a fruit cake at a wedding anymore!

  11. So gorgeous! I am really not good with fondant but you have inspired me to take a class. Beautiful!!

  12. Such a fun class, beautiful fondant cake too!

  13. Would you provide the ganache recipe used to do the cake foundation?
    Thank you very much,

  14. Hi, How do you transfer the cake to the fondant covered board without cracking the fondant on the cake?

  15. Hi Ms. Ladybird! I am Tvishi's friend, and she told me to check ypur blog and I absolutely love it! Awesome cakes!!!


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