Sunday 26 December 2010

Vina Vegetarian Restaurant, Newtown

Mr Ladybird and I headed to Vina Vegetarian Restaurant on Wednesday last week. Things can be quite busy at this time of year, so we were keen to have the night off from kitchen duties mid-week. Newtown was absolutely bustling for a Wednesday night! The ambience at Vina is not the drawcard at this family run business however the the food is.

I was keen to go to Vina for dinner in part because I had a hankering for some vegetarian sweet & sour 'pork'and I was sure that Vina would offer something similar on their menu. I'm not normally one for fake meat, but the veg version of sweet and sour pork makes me go weak at the knees! What can I say...? It's a guilty pleasure...

Once seated we peruse the extensive Vietnamese menu over some Jasmine tea. Vegetarians and vegans are certainly spoilt for choice here, so it takes us a little while to decide on what we want!

We order, and a short while later our entrees arrive. we hungrily tuck into the lightly fried tofu and vegan spring rolls. Both are delicious, particularly the crunchy spring rolls. Neither is too heavy so we still have a healthy appetite for our main dishes.

For our mains we order a mock chicken curry and mock pork in a sweet and sour sauce. The curry is delicious, but the mock pork dish is a bit disappointing - not quite the crunchy, deep-fried balls with sticky sauce that I had envisioned... Despite this, it is great to get a good serve of fresh vegetables in each dish.

All in all, a good meal from Vina. The staff did incredibly well to manage the restaurant when it so busy, and they are always so nice that it's ok if you have to wait a little bit. Vina is also a little better value than Green Palace Thai Vegetarian further up King St in Newtown, so do give Vina a go if you're looking for vegan/vegetarian options in Newtown.

Vina Vietnamese Vegetarian Restaurant
395 King St, Newtown NSW
(02) 9557 0456

Ladybird x

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  1. I had no idea there was another vegetarian restaurant in Newtown - thanks for the heads up. I'll take my vego friends here in the New Year.

  2. you've reminded me i need to post about my dining experience. one of the better mock meat places i've come across. i wish i ordered the spring rolls — they look great! :-)

  3. I know what you mean about mock meat, I try and adjust recipes without using pretend products. It is nice however when you find somewhere that makes good use of all the alternatives to meat.

  4. I looove Vietnamese food. Those spring rolls look great, they are one of my guilty pleasures too. I love the crunch!

  5. As someone weary of mockmeats, I LOVE VINA. Your writeup does it justice, and your pictures reminded me where i'm going to dinner tonight :)

    Love your site, keep it up.

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