Wednesday 10 August 2011

A Floral Themed High Tea at Patisse

I recently had the pleasure of attending a lovely high tea at Patisse in Sydney.. not just any high tea, but one created by Vincent Gadan and the hardworking team at Patisse in Waterloo. Does the name ring a bell? It may for all those Masterchef fans out there. Vincent Gadan is the talented, French-born pastry chef who faced up to (and won) a roast challenge against Hayden. He also appeared again on the series for a masterclass with some of the contestants. Recognise those score cards in the frame on the table?

When I learnt that Patisse was starting monthly themed high teas I jumped at the chance, and I attended their high tea debut on July 31st. The theme? Floral: Rose, lavender and violet. But no scones and clotted cream in sight here - this was a french take on high tea.

The selection of sweets and savouries for guests was as follows:


Wagyu Pie – cocktail size
Spinach and Feta Quiche – Cocktail size
Chicken Sandwich finger
Roast vegetable sandwich finger


Lavender Madeline
Pistachio and rose cake
Violet Tropeziennes
Verrine of Lavender

Some pictures of the food for you to drool over. First, our roasted vegetable finger sandwiches...

Spinach and feta quiches fresh out of the oven, the pastry buttery and flaky... mmmm!

The beautiful sweets plate... a bouquet of flavours and textures!

Check out this thing of beauty - the verrine of lavender... I gave this one a miss as I don't eat gelatine, but it was certainly pretty to look at.

And lastly, the sweet highlight from the high tea for me.. the Pistachio and Rose Cake - a beautifully moist cake coated with pistachios and topped with orange blossom yoghurt and rose petals... absolutely lovely.

We also enjoyed a tea tasting as part of the high tea, something I have never experienced before. We sampled beautiful teas by a new Australian company called The Rabbit Hole. Their organic teas were selected to accompany the floral theme of the high tea, and they were beautiful! In fact, you'll actually be hearing more about them on my blog soon.. so stay tuned tea lovers!

Towards the end of the high tea we were all introduced to Vincent who welcomed us and spoke about the menu he created for the day.

All in all an enjoyable high tea, and definitely something a little different from many high tea offerings in Sydney. Check out the Patisse website for information about upcoming high tea events.

Ladybird and guest attended high tea as guests of Patisse

Shop G01, PYD Building
197 Young St
Waterloo NSW
Ph: (02) 9690 0665
Monday to Saturday, 8:30am to 4pm


  1. What a beautiful place! That verrine of lavender does look lovely.

  2. I love floral flavours so much, maybe because I'm allergic to perfumes and at least this way I eat some instead of wear some?
    I have been after edible violets for ages but to no avail- no wonder they were all snaffled up for your high tea. Lucky you! Looking forward to hearing more about the teas too.

  3. love high tea! will definitely have to check out patisse soon!

  4. Beautiful shots, Ladybird!

  5. Ha...Vincent looks pretty chuffed doesn't he! I thought he seemed very nice on Masterchef. Those spinach and feta quiches look lovely.

  6. I'm all booked to go to the Last days of Winter high tea in a couple of weeks. Your post has made me really impatient as I have already had to wait for a month. Those sandwiches with roasted vegetables look really good.

  7. Looks amazing! I'll have to try it one day :)

  8. I was there too!had a lovely day catching up with my friends and to top it off, great food and even got to meet Vincent and have a photo with him.

  9. wow the verrine of lavender looks so pretty! so lucky u get to go!

  10. Ooohhh, this sounds like a great option for a long-delayed catch-up with my girlfriends! We were just nearby at Sopra last Sunday lamenting that Patisse was closed at the time.

  11. Oh my goodness. I totally adore floral sweets I would have been in high tea heaven.

  12. Hi, love your blog, very inspiring, any chance you could recommend a recipe that would be similar to the Pistachio and Rose Cake you ate here? I would love to make something similar to that, looks delicious! :)


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