Saturday 7 July 2012

Ballerina Bear Cake

I have been busy at work this week experimenting with cake flavours and rather than letting the cakes go to waste, I have been using them to practise some new designs and figurines. My favourite of the week is this cute six inch Ballerina Bear cake. Next time I make this design I think I'll incorporate a little tulle tutu to turn her into a true prima ballerina bear!

And to turn girly into ueber-girly, I opted for some very feminine and fragrant flavours for the cake. This was a cardamom-spiced butter cake brushed with a rosewater sugar syrup, then layered and covered in saffron infused white chocolate ganache. Cutting into the cake smelled like heaven, and it tasted as pretty as it smelled!

I aim to offer a great range of flavours in my cakes - from the classic to the modern. May no flavour be left unturned in pursuit of cakely perfection! With my 300 plus followers out there, who better to ask about cake than you!

So tell me, dear readers, what sort of flavours would you like to enjoy in a cake at a special celebration? I look forward to reading your replies :)

Anna x

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  1. I like tart fillings such as lemon curd, raspberry... they give a good contrast to the otherwise sweet cake. Have a great day!

  2. Me too! Somewhat tart flavours are often just what a sweet dish needs.

  3. I Like really Sweet things, with like...... ummm, Nutella Filling in it :D hahahah xP

  4. Oooh nutella - don't even get me started on the stuff.. amaaazzing! ;P

    1. Tell me about it!!! I personally love nutella and your cakes!! :]

  5. I Like really Sweet things,how did you do that?
    Nut Processing Machine


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