Thursday, 11 February 2010

Boss Cheesecake

For a longggg time, my colleagues and I had been hinting at our boss to bring in his reknowned cheesecake. We forgot about it for a while and then today, to our surprise, he brought it in! We have all been working our butts off of late, so it was nice and well-deserved treat.

The above picture taken on a mobile really doesn't do it justice - it was really good (and I'm not just saying that because my boss made it!). It was slightly lemony and very creamy. Here is the recipe to this easy, no-bake, classic cheesecake by the boss...

1 packet of granita biscuits
½ stick of butter (125 g)
1 can condensed milk
2 packets of cream cheese (Philadelphia)
Juice of 2 lemons
A little orange juice for more flavour (optional)

1. Crumble the biscuits.
2. Melt butter and add to crumbs. At this point add lemon zest if you wish.
3. Mix and press into a greased springform tin to form the base. Refrigerate until base becomes solid
4. Add condensed milk and cream cheese to a large mixing bowl. Mix thoroughly until all the lumps are gone.
5. Add lemon juice and keep mixing until mixture starts to set.
6. Add mixture to cake tin, smooth over and refrigerate overnight.

  • To make a large cheesecake – just double the ingredients (except for the base).
  • To make this cheesecake more lemony, you could perhaps add up to 1 lemon's zest (finely chopped) to the recipe - half in the base, and half in the mixture.

So readers, has your boss ever cooked you anything? If yes, what was it? And did you like it?

Ladybird x


  1. :-) . This evening my daughter said, Mama, can you ask your bus driver if you can take the day off. She's 4 and thinks Boss is Bus....and of course that goes well with driver!! Love the look of the cheesecake.

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  3. The cake looks lovely and moist, just the way a cheescake should be. None of my bosses made me anything !!! :(

  4. My boss never cooked for me! *boo! but at least she's never said no to any of the stuff I bring in. :) The cheesecake looks so smooth and yum. I can almost imagine it in my mouth. :)

  5. I wish my boss would make me cheesecake! haha

  6. Nope, never had any of my bosses cook for me. Before I went vegan, my favourite food was cheesecake, i miss it SO SO much! so you are making my mouth water lol. ive tried making vegan cheesecake 3 times with no success, I will never stop trying :)


  7. have an A1 boss to bring cheesecake for you all. The world sure needs more bosses like that!

  8. So lucky to have your boss baked for you!! I have never had a boss like it.

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