Monday 18 October 2010

Giraffe Banquet (& a Giveaway!)

You may remember my recent Reverie Room post and how I told you about the market I visited where College of Fine Arts (COFA) students were selling their beautiful creations. Well here is another lovely label I came across at the market, and I've really been looking forward to sharing this with you all. Introducing Giraffe Banquet!

The faces behind Giraffe Banquet are Andy and Jimmy. They make beautiful food inspired jewellery, feltwork and brooches (which can also be used as pin cushions). As you can see from the pictures, not only is their work gorgeous, but much of it is food inspired!

I had the opportunity to ask Andy and Jimmy about Giraffe Banquet, and here's what they had to say:

How did Giraffe Banquet get started?

Giraffe Banquet was born in the Summer of 2009-2010, in an over-heated shipping container of a studio in semi-rural Annangrove.

Jimmy and I were two lost souls, drifting slowly into the dull whirlpool of having nothing to do, that is the four month long uni break. Our thoughts drifted to summers long ago, of playing video games, eating ice cream and chocolates without a care in the world. Nostalgic memories are oft set upon a balmy summer backdrop. So it seemed appropriate that the birth of our nostalgic wearable treats came upon us in the summertime. We started sewing, we started casting. And we've kept going.

How would you describe your collection?

Whimsical with an edge. Giraffe Banquet has all the sweetness of your first taste of ice cream, but can also come in the form of gun metal silver Barbie hands and Nintendo control pad crucifixes.

How does food inspire your work?
It tastes good.

What's your favourite piece at the moment?
Oh, too many to choose! I am lucky enough to own a silver cast ice-cream necklace made by Jimmy, but I have a very sweet tooth for the Iced Donut brooch pin cushions. I've been wearing a jeweled purple one of late.

How can people find out more about Giraffe Banquet?Giraffe Banquet currently has a blog:, email us and we can work directly with you to satisfy your banquet cravings.

So that' s a bit about Giraffe Banquet - watch this space, I say! Those brooches are just so pretty, aren't they?! I just love the strawberries and cream brooch - good enough to eat :)

As part of this post, Giraffe Banquet is offering Diary of a Ladybird readers the chance to win a gift pack containing a few special items from Giraffe Banquet's range, including the ice cream necklace!

To enter, simply leave a comment on this post. This giveaway is restricted to Australian residents only sorry. Entries close October 26, 2010 at midnight AEST.

*** Congratulations to Hannah of Wayfaring Chocolate ***

Good luck!
Ladybird x


  1. Oh how lovely!

    You know I love your blog. Hope you get lots of entries :)

    P.S. Whats next on Kitchen / Nigella? Cant wait to see the next installment

    1. Cool banquet, thanks to author for sharing. I think In order for more interested people to read your thoughts, you should post it on Instagram, and remember that you can sometimes buy instagram followers in order to quickly increase their amount.

  2. omg i love this! just checked out the Giraffe Banquet blog and everything is adorable. Being a total foodie, i can definitely appreciate the deliciousness of their jewelery! keep up the good work! where do u sell ur creations?

  3. WOW! Everything that they make is so pretty!
    I love it all!
    And better still... ITS CALORIE FREE!Lol


  4. They look amazing :))) to bad i'm from Europe :p

  5. These are too cute! They remind me of some of the little things i've made for family and friends. I love cute crafty things :P

  6. Fancy being able to have my cake and wear it too! Yumm...

  7. These are so cute! This is the post that inspired me to comment - after drooling over so many of your delicious cupcake photos - I've come out of the woodwork. Yum!!! Wish they were also up Brisbane way :)

  8. They look good enough to eat. Just adorable and wearable.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Just checked out Giraffe Banquet. Love it - how do I get a chippy the riding bird?

  11. I'm glad you guys are in love with Giraffe Banquet as much as I am :)

    If you're interested on getting your hands on some of their products (other than through the giveaway, of course!) check out their blog:

  12. Giraffe Banquet rocks!
    I bought a Red Red Robin from Giraffe Banquet and wear it once a week - never fails to get comments on how cute it is. Just email Jimmy or Andy and they will send you your parcel of wearable cuteness quicker than you can say meep!
    Keep up the work guys
    Peace out

  13. That little bird is just beautiful! I love this addition to the blog. The crafters are something else!

  14. hi ladybird!
    thanks for dropping by my blog. and for your cashmere tips :)i'm so happy to have discovered your blog now. the pina colada ice cream looks like something i will be tackling soon.

  15. Those ARE such pretty things. And they sound like wonderful people.

  16. nice! almost good enough to eat

  17. Oh my, I just squealed out loud here in my PhD office! Thate ice cream necklace is too, too cute. I think I've decided it's pistachio ice cream :D

  18. Yay i love those donuts! i wouldnt know where to wear it though? on my head? cute stuff ;)

  19. ooo I would love to enter please :) I really like that cute necklace and the little birdy is so cute.


  20. Aww they are too cute! Great find Ladybird!

  21. These are sooooo cute!!! I especially love that neckalace!!

  22. Oh how cute! Those donut brooches are definately... good enough to eat.

  23. Given the state of my finances at present I'm really wishing I hadn't read this! Must... not... spend....!

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