Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Madame Flavour Giveaway

I do love a good cup of tea during the day - for me, a nice cuppa can make the world of difference when I want to relax and read a book on the weekend.. the week's stress just melts away.. Ahhhhh :)

A little while ago I received some lovely teas to sample from Madame Flavour. Madame Flavour is an Australian tea company that focuses on quality teas produced with a lot of care.

I am more of a herbal tea drinker, so I really enjoyed the Green Jasmine Pear Blend, as well as the White Rose. Both beautifully delicate and easy to drink.

Some friends and I also tried the black tea varieties with interesting combinations such as Earl Grey with Australian Lemon Myrtle. Although the black teas were not as robust as many other black teas on the market, it is great to see the inclusion of native Australian flavours.

These teas aren't your ordinary tea that come in the form of tea bags - these come in a ladylike purse, which is 100% biodegradable (as is the packaging). Madame Flavour tea is also 70% certified organic at present, and is all sourced through fair trade.

Thanks to Madame Flavour, one lucky reader has the chance to win a gift pack of Madame Flavour teas including 5 of the signature blends. All you have to do is leave comment on this post and tell me when and where you love to enjoy a nice cup of tea.

Entries close at midnight AEST on November 30.
This giveaway is restricted to Australian residents only sorry.

*** Congratulations to Shannon of Stepford Secrets ***

To find out more about Madame Flavour teas, check out her gorgeous website: http://www.madameflavour.com/


  1. All the time, and everywhere. The amount of tea that I drink truly let me know that my big siblings were in fact lying when they told me I was adopted - I am my mother's daughter!

  2. After a week away to the South Coast I come back to 2 long and stressful days at work, I'm sure tomorrow will be the same! (Life always sucks coming back from holidays) I'd love to be able to relax and enjoy a nice cup of tea when I get home from a tiring day at work. The green, jasmine and pear tea definitely sounds invigorating

  3. Such gorgeous packaging!

    And I so know what you mean about enjoying a cup of tea and feeling relaxed almost immediately.

    I love a cup of tea in the morning to wake me up and I love enjoying a cup (or two!) on weekend afternoons.

  4. I'm also more of a herbal tea type - I've been wandering past the white with rose in the supermarket each week wondering if it is as good as it sounds. I like tea when it's cold and raining out, or if I can't sleep in the middle of the night. Tea, a blanket, a good book - everything is covered for maximum comfort!

  5. My fave times of the day to enjoy tea are:

    1. At around 9:30am at work with the ladies for a chat and laugh.

    2. Once all the children are snuggled into bed of a night and all is right with the world of Digella. This tea normally combines a cupcake!

  6. I like to enjoy a cup of herbal or chai tea in the colder months at home while browsing my favourite blogs :)
    I have seen these teas in the shop and would looove to try them!


  7. Ooh, I love a cuppa & usually it's after we put the kids to bed. And I'll usually have the Madam Flavour Green Jasmine & Pear :-) I love that tea! It's my special time while I'm reading all the lovely blogs I'm following! (My husband is getting a bit jealous)

  8. How did you know that Madame Flavour teas are my ultimate favourite?! Every night, I have a cup of the Green Jasmine and Pear while I surf the net, looking for things to buy. The lovely pear fragrance really helps ease the pain of credit card burnout!

  9. My favourite tea is Earl Gray. As soon as I hear the kids in the morning I call for my tea, and by the time I get up and dressed it's ready for me. This is the best cuppa ever. Made with love.

  10. i love madame flavour teas! i like my tea in the afternoons, usually about 3pm at work, that one cup of tea seems to make the afternoon go a bit quicker!

  11. I love Madame Flavour teas too.

    I like mine at all times of the day - the first thing I usually do when I get into work is make myself a cuppa!

  12. Every morning just after 9:30, one of my best mates (who is also my desk mate at work) and I look at the tea selection we keep at our desk and pick the tea for the day. We then take our precious tea-cups and go to the kitchen to make our brew. Every day is a different tea and we pick the tea to suit that day. We take a few minutes in the kitchen with our tea talking and then it is back to our desks and the grindstone.

    Whilst we do have a wide range of loose leaf and bag tea we do quite like the Madame Flavour Chai tea.

  13. First thing in the morning before the kids get up, depending on my mood I enjoy it here while reading some of my favourite blogs or out the back where our fence neighbours conservation reserve.

  14. Great giveaway ladybird. I think the silky bags do make a difference!

  15. I don't think I'd come to life each morning without a cuppa (or 2), love the idea of having biodegradable packaging, very cool.

  16. I couldn't live a day without tea.
    Tea in the morning, tea in the afternoon and tea in the evening - there is a perfect tea to match any occasion!

    I especially love my evening tea before I go to bed. It's relaxing, soothing and a great way to end the day.

  17. I just recently purchased my very first home. It is a gorgeous little place with a bigger than usual balcony. I'd be out there, sipping my beautiful dainty teas out on the balcony on a beautiful breezy day :)

  18. i love madame flavour tea i've tried the green tea one and the bags are just adorable!

    i enjoy my tea mid morning at work as work can get so hectic and its nice and calming to sip on a lovely flavoured tea

  19. I always wanted to try something different. my taste bud telling me same tea same tea,same tea and boring same taste. I told my parnter I wanted to try something different. so we went shopping I was looking at the tea section and my eye tracked your product and I like the sound of the white tea with rose. Your box is appealing me and your label is so clear. This is my first time I try your tea and you know what I loved it!
    I told my partner can I have more tea. she look at me you want more!!!!!! lol white tea with rose had great taste. I wouldnt mind try the other tea. thank you for yumming tea. love Mandy


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