Saturday, 2 January 2010

Pomegranate Ice-cream

Hi everyone :)

Hope your new year is off to a great start! I have been having a great time getting back to cooking since returning from holidays.. although I am still nursing my strange summertime cold/flu symptoms. Ice cream probably isn't the best thing for it, but what the heck! I saw this recipe on a cooking channel while sitting in a hotel room in Delhi and I promised myself I'd make it upon my return to Sydney.

lthough I do love using my new ice-cream maker machine, the great thing about this recipe is that I don't have to get it out! This is a 'no-churn' recipe from Nigella Lawson, and I think it's a great way to use the beautiful pomegranates that are available at the moment. Plus, did you know that pomegranates contain more antioxidants than green tea or red wine?!

2 pomegranates
1 lime
150g powdered/icing sugar
2 cups double/thickened cream

1. Half the pomegranates and reserve and few seeds for decoration. Squeeze pomegranate halves over a sieve in a bowl.
2. Squeeze lime into same bowl.
3. Put icing sugar in medium to large size bowl, and gradually whisk in juice.
4. Add cream and whisk until 'billowy' or 'floppy' as I would describe. So the cream should hold its shape loosely - it should not have reached the 'peaky' stage.
5. Pour into freezeable container and freeze overnight.

So, the result? Soft, creamy and delicately flavoured ice-cream. I am so impressed with this no-churn method of Nigella's, I will definitely be trying some of her other no-churn recipes.

Take care for now!

Ladybird x


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  2. Beautiful ice cream. I have an ice cream maker...still brand new. Time to go and dig it out to make some ice cream :P

  3. It looks so summery - thanks for sharing. Can't wait to see what other fantastic recipes you discovered while overseas!

  4. That look delicious Anna! And it's got fruit so it's a great healthy start to the new year right? ;)

  5. I love how you were on holidays but still had time to note down a recipe! Ahhh, that is true foodie behaviour =)

  6. This is absolutely delicious! The colour is so inviting :)

  7. That looks so welcoming in this heat! I really like Nigella's no churn ice cream recipes. Have you tried the Margarita one? That's great! :D

  8. Hi Lorraine,

    No I haven't tried the Margarita one yet... soon I hope! :)

  9. This stuff is positively awesome!! Yum yum and so simple :-)

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