Sunday 1 August 2010

Table of Plenty event, July 28

On Wednesday, July 28 I had the fortune of being able to get some time off work to attend a Moroccan feast hosted by Mark Communications at Souk in the City in Surry Hills, a beautiful and fitting venue for such an occasion. The feast was held in honour of Table of Plenty and their dukkha products, with dukkha used in every course (including dessert!).

Table of Plenty are a 100% Australian owned company and their range of creative spices, breads and mueslis are made in Australia. I also had the pleasure of meeting Table of Plenty founder, Kate Weiss, who shared her touching and inspirational story of how she founded the company. To read about her story, click here.

Upon arrival we mingled over pomegranate cocktails, were entertained by a belly dancer, and also received henna tattoos.

Admittedly, I have never really used dukkha in my cooking, so I was keen to learn about how to use it by watching the cooking demonstration by the charming Omar of Souk in the City. The aromas from the demonstration were amazing, and we couldn't wait to tuck into our feast.

And how could I possibly blog about the feast without sharing the menu with you?! Fortunately there were some vegetarian options for me, but I think the other guests left a little more well-fed than I did. Then again, it's hard to cater for everyone.. I would be keen to retun to Souk in the City for dinner some time to try their food again.

Pistachio Dukkha crusted prawns with sour tomato, mint & preserved lemon mayonnaise.

Almond Dukkha Lamb Brochettes, with smoked eggplant and pistachio & argan oil.

Grilled haloumi, poached sweet and sour figs, sherry, vinegar, rocket & Macadamia Dukkha.


Corn fed chicken Tajine, cooked with saffron, preserved olives & crispy Dukkha potatoes.

Moorish lamb meat balls with rich tomato chermoula, crispy carrots, coriander & tomato chechouka

Vegetarian cous cous, steamed in a couscoussier with glazed chickpeas & glazed Moroccan spiced vegetables.

On the Table

Saffron rice

Fluffy steamed cous cous with raisins & almonds


Moroccan dessert tasting platter with Dukkha ice cream

Some pictures of the food enjoyed at the feast...

After attending such a wonderful feast I realised that dukkha is more than something to serve alongside bread and olive oil at the start of a meal. Its uses are so diverse, and it is a healthy and easy way to add flavour to dishes. As I type this, I am enjoying a piece of toast with avocado, persian fetta and almond dukkha - yum!

For more information about Table of Plenty, their products and stockists, check out their website.

Ladybird x


  1. Isn't Kate so lovely? And Omar is such a gem too! I couldn't make it to the lunchtime event but was lucky enough to go to the smaller intimate evening event, just going to go through my photos now.

  2. Dessert tasting platters get me every time! Looks great.


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