Monday 16 August 2010

RSPCA Cupcake Day

One of my first ever blog posts was 2009 RSPCA Cupcake Day. A year on, I am more passionate than ever about using baking to raise money for worthy causes such as The Heart Foundation and MS Australia. However, if there is one day that I go all out for charity, it's RSPCA Cupcake Day which was today!

Thank goodness it was held on a Monday, because it takes a longgg time to bake, ice and decorate over 100 cupcakes from scratch. It's times like this you crave the capacities of a big kitchen! Nevermind.. my little kitchen managed to cater the job.

Besides, I got to wear my RSPCA Cupcake Day Shirt that I ordered last week and picked up from the post office this morning (just in the nick of time!)

I kept the flavours relatively simple due to the quantity (over 100 in total!) Here's just some of what was on offer for benevolent buyers:

Vanilla with vanilla bean buttercream
Vanilla with white chocolate and vanilla bean ganache
Chocolate with chocolate ganache and strawberries
Lemon with lemon buttercream
Carrot with cream cheese
Chocolate with salted caramel

Cupcakes were decoated with butterflies, dragonflies, pawprints, dog bones for an animal themed spread. However, my  favourite decoration of all was the little fondant carrots I made, finished with a tiny sprig of dill to complete the effect.

The fastest cupcake to sell out was the chocolate with salted caramel icing - Dang! they tasted fine, even if I do say so myself! I've never really liked caramel.. but with a little bit of fleur de sel, caramel is taken to a whole new level! It's sophisticated and grown up, and pairs beautifully with a moist chocolate cake like this one.

Lucky for me, my office has quite a sweet tooth and people get behind a good cause when they see it. As a result, I raised $360 for the RSPCA :) My most successful 'Cupcakes for Charity' event yet!

Thank you to everyone who supported RSPCA Cupcake Day today... across the country animals are barking, meowing, quacking and goodness knows what else in appreciation of your generosity!

Ladybird x


  1. mmmmm, my favourite was the chocolate with salted caramel paw prints!

  2. Wauw, They really look good! They must taste delicious!

  3. You did an awesome job. It must have taken you HOURS to make and decorate all of these! They are beautifully decorated too and the salted caramel and chocolate sounds fabulous. Well done on raising so much money for a good cause.
    I would have liked to participate, but being in a new work place I thought it wouldnt be such a good idea to ask people to donate money on my second week in the ward, so im planning for next year :)


  4. Wow! Your cupcakes look really professional! It's not hard to see why the chocolate cupakes with caramel icing sold out so quickly- they look so cute and delicious at the same time!

  5. Oh my goodness, they're all so perfect!
    I LOVE the carrot cake one!!

  6. your cupcakes are so beautiful! lol love the dill on the carrots!

  7. Well done Anna! They look absolutely amazing!! Corene x

  8. Hihhih! They look so adorable! Well done!

  9. Congratulations! Well done on raising so much money. Sadly I didn't participate this year... but I've gotten so many ideas from you for next year!

  10. Very cute! Especially the paw prints and the fluffy carrot top.

  11. Wow, great effort! I love the mini carrots, so cute hehe

  12. Yay yummy cupcakes and a good cause what a perfect match. Nice work raising all that money.

  13. Well done, this is brilliant!! I completely agree that it is a blessing to hold it on a Monday. That was one busy Sunday :)

    You've done a fantastic job with so many options and I totally love your little carrots. The dill is just perfect.


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