Wednesday 15 June 2011

Celebratory grazing at Rubyos, Newtown

Last week I had the pleasure of dining at Rubyos in Newtown with my sister, 'Coco', and Mr Ladybird. It's not often that I get to see my dear sister and it was as a belated birthday celebration for her that we headed to Newtown on a blustery and cold Sydney evening last week.

You may recall my previous post on Rubyos last year, when I covered a fantastic degustation brunch there (to read this post, click here). Given this positive experience, I had high hopes for our dinner, and we weren't disappointed. As always, the ambiance was lovely, and I never cease to admire the restaurant's artwork...

The Rubyos menu offers a vast and tantalising selection of tasting dishes that are best shared by a table. This is my favourite way to enjoy food - a variety shared with loved ones ... not to mention the fact that it is a wonderful way to avoid what I like to call 'order envy' ;) There are plenty of options for vegetarians and vegans which is fantastic, but there are plenty of options for the carnivores too, including a star anise braised pork belly dish for all you pork belly fanatics!

First we start with some breads with the 'Double dipper' - Turkish bread toasts with the chef's dips of the day - a delicious pesto and hummus style dip ($8.50).

The dishes then come out progressively, starting with the lighter ones first. We start with the Salad of grilled autumn vegetables topped with mesculin, toasted buckwheat, and a lemon and sage vinaigrette ($14.50)

Next, the Panfried haloumi topped with watermelon, coriander and mint salsa, and chilli oil drizzle ($16.50). What an unexpectedly fabulous combination - a real highlight.

Cumin dusted tofu topped with chimmichurri sauce and an amarillo pepper salsa ($15.50)

For Coco, the Rosettes of atlantic salmon glazed with fennel and pinenut pesto, with a wild rocket, shaved fennel and sundried tomato salad ($25)

Lightly steamed green beans with a burnt orange and black olive dressing ($11.50)

And one of my favourites of the evening - the Crispy New York style crushed chats tossed through fresh herbs and seasoned salt ($9.50). Sooo delicious, I could happily eat these bad boys every day...

The 'bump' and I champion the dessert cause, and I enjoy the Pecan and chunky green apple pudding with rum and raisin ice cream and maple caramel ($13.50). A delicious warm and soft pudding - ideal on a cold winter's night, and great ice cream (as close as I'm going to come to a drink for a few months yet!)

Mr Ladybird and Coco opt for some hot drinks to finish instead - a mocha ($4.50) and a hot chocolate ($4.50) ...

All in all a great meal at considerably good value for the quality of food and the overall experience. A nice venue for celebrating a special occasion such as a birthday or anniversary. And the service? Attentive, friendly and efficient by Liz and the team. I definitely recommend the Rubyos grazing experience to others.

18-20 King Street, Newtown
(02) 9557 2689

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Ladybird x


  1. Looks like a very wonderful night :)

  2. Such a nice restaurant review! Loved all the delicious foods, and that yummy mocha and hot chocolate would be a wonderful finish after all that lovely dinner:D

  3. The restaurant looks like they have some wonderful food. I wish there were more restaurants that sold vegan, vegetarian and meat options. It would deffinatey make Mikey and my family happier :)


  4. yum the haloumi sounds fantastic!

  5. I am not a fan of Newtown because of all the traffic congestion but this restaurant looks pretty elegant.

  6. I am from NY but had never heard of a chat. I looked them up: sounds like some sort of potato based food fried with polenta? Would love to know more.

  7. Thanks for your comments :)

    No, I'm not a fan of Newtown traffic either, but thankfully Rubyos is located at the quieter end near USYD!

    Yes, I'm not sure what the background behind these is either, but I do know that 'chaat' is a style of savoury street snackfood in India.. perhaps it has something to do with this (?) At any rate, they were very tasty :)

  8. Love the artwork on the wall and the place looks so inviting. The vegetarian options look fantastic.


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