Wednesday 22 June 2011

Pani Puri

Have you ever heard of pani puri?

Pani puri is a popular bite-sized street snack sold by vendors across India, but is also enjoyed in many Indian homes. Crispy deep-fried spheres called puris are tapped open slightly before being filled with a savoury filling and chutney, then quickly dunked in a flavoured water (pani) before being devoured in one mouthful while still crisp. Sometimes sev (a crumbled vermicelli type product) is also sprinkled over the puris before they are eaten.

There are as may variations of pani puri as there are regions of India. People go mad for pani puri in India! I myself have never had it from street vendors in India due to health precautions whilst travelling, however, I have had the pleasure of enjoying it at home with My Ladybird's family on a few occasions. I think this is how it's enjoyed best - a big group of people sitting around the table chatting and busily tapping away at the puris, filling them one by one, devouring them one after the other... I myself can only manage around 10 at the most, but others (*ahem* Mr Ladybird) can just keep going and going!

As Mr Ladybird's family hail from Gujarat, they typically enjoy pani puri in the Gujarati style. I took some pictures of a recent pani puri get together to share with you all. So this is not a recipe post as such, but more of a show and tell, if I may :)

Here are the small puri I mentioned...

And here are the key fillings. At the front - a tangy mixture of cooked potato and boiled dark chickpeas tossed through a spice mixture. To the left, the sweet chutney made from dried mango. And to the back, the wonderfully green water made with loads of fresh mint, fresh coriander and a few other secret ingredients.

Here, my mum-in-law demonstrates how you put each puri together. Here she fills the puri with the potato/chickpea mixture, followed by the chutney...

The pani is then quickly spooned over (or you can dunk it directly into the water)... and down the hatch!

Keen to check out a pani puri recipe? As a starting point, check out this link:

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Ladybird x


  1. i love pani puri! those things are just crazy addictive and now your post has me dying to grab a handful!

  2. Oh wow... I've never had these, but they look SO far up my alley I fear they may be going to move in with me. haha DELICIOUS!

  3. This absolutely appeals to my innate need to eat all food with my fingers (even ice cream. yeah I do! :P ) Yum!

  4. They look delicious! The green water sounds really interesting too, yumm..

  5. I've never had these! I love the name. Where can I get some?!

  6. These look just so delicious!!! I love Indian food and in particular vegetarian Indian.

    I wonder how I would go making them myself.... looks a little tricky...

  7. Ooh I have never seen these either! These look awesome, thank you for introducing another vessel for which I can transport food into my mouth!

  8. Hi everyone, thanks for your comments!

    For those of you in Sydney wondering where you can try out this snackfood, it is available at Maya Masala in Surry Hills on weekends :)

  9. Pani Poori, one of my fav Indian chaat. Simply love the tangy chutneys.


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