Wednesday 28 March 2012

Nic & Rocco's Chocolate Mousse

So the 2012 season of My Kitchen Rules (MKR) is over after a spectacular final last night - what a showdown! Nic and Rocco headed up against Leigh and Jennifer in a five course fight for the title of 2012 MKR Champions. Both teams cooked sensationally and it was very close, but Leigh and Jennifer won out in the end. Congratulations to the girls! The victory hasn't been without controversy though - I couldn't believe all the fuss in the media today! Regardless of their final place in the competition, I'm sure Nic and Rocco have a bright future ahead of them.

As you may recall, Nic and Rocco plated up a Dolci Misti in the semi-final - a trio of decadent desserts. Of the three, their chocolate mousse received rave reviews from the judges and other contestants... I'm a sucker for a good chocolate mousse, and so I just had to give this a try.

Chocolate Mousse
As seen on MKR (Channel 7)

50g dark chocolate (55% cocoa solids)*
50g dark chocolate (75% cocoa solids)*
30g caster sugar
30ml orange Juice **
1 tbs Cointreau
1 whole egg
1 egg yolk
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
165ml thickened cream

* I could not source these percentages and so used a total of 100g of 70% chocolate instead, which worked well.
** I opted for a pulp-free juice

1. To make mousse, stir chocolate, sugar, juice and liqueur in a heatproof bowl over a saucepan of simmering water until melted and combined, then whisk until smooth. Remove from heat. Cool 5 minutes. 

2. Whisk in egg, egg yolk and vanilla. Whisk in cream.

3. Divide among four serving glasses (100ml capacity). I used four martini glasses. Refrigerate for several hours or overnight until set.

So the verdict? A really nice, velvety mousse. Mr Ladybird's description said it all... "Love the texture, and the hint of orange cuts through the richness of the chocolate. So... ummm.. what are we having for dinner?". Nuff said! ;) 

Thanks for the recipe, Nic and Rocco, and I wish you all the best in your future endeavours. Good luck!

Til next time, dear readers...

Ladybird x


  1. I wanted the boys to win. I'm not normally a mousse person but the hint of orange sounds delightful. I might give this one a go.

  2. I didn't really watch the show but did see this mousse. could be a good one for Easter.

  3. Finally gave this one a shot tonight, omitted the cointreau add could only source 75% chocolate. Goodness, I am a chocolate queen and this is my first death by chocolate. Maybe it's just sugar overload after anniversary food all day but I couldn't finish it. Was more like eating ganache than mousse!

    Any ideas where I have gone wrong?

  4. Sorry you didn't enjoy it...

    Yes, it is a rich chocolate mousse, and denser than most as it does not involve folding in whipped eggwhites (perhaps a recipe that does might be better for you?). I did find, however, that the cointreau through the richness.


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