Wednesday, 22 September 2010

How to make individual cupcake stands

In my recent post about the hat themed birthday cupcakes I made, I also showed you this individual cupcake stand. I also promised you I'd be telling you how to make this yourself at home. It is so easy, and it looks just adorable. So get your "arts 'n' crafts" hats on - here's how it's done!

Here are the materials you will need...
1 small saucer/shallow bowl (pictured left)
1 egg cup or similar (pictured right)

These materials are readily available and very inexpensive from most discount shops like 'Hot Dollar' here is Sydney.

Run a thin line of superglue around the base rim of the eggcup and place onto the centre of the inverted dish (as pictured below).

Leave to dry for a couple of hours, and you're done! You've made an individual cupcake stand :)

I must admit, I'm not usually a very craft-oriented person. I don't think you'll ever catch me whipping up a collage in my spare time, or becoming anything remotely close to a scrapbooking addict. You're far more likely to catch me in the kitchen, or not far away urging someone to eat another slice of cake! It's not that I don't like arts and crafts... I just don't really have the patience for it to be honest. And... I'm also afraid of gluing my fingers together! :P

Despite this, I did discover my inner Martha Stewart rather unexpectedly of late. After I made a couple of these cupcake stands I started thinking about how to decorate them. I think they look great plain, but you could jazz them up a little, especially if they were for use in a themed party. Before I knew it, I was in a craft shop hunting down ribbons, cut-out felt shapes and scrapbook borders with adhesive backing. Here are just a few ways I decorated mine...

So tell me, are you into arts and crafts?

Ladybird x


  1. these are adorable!! Such a simple but super clever idea. I love the last one with the bow.

  2. Wow! They're all so pretty! Now I wanna go out and buy some cups and saucers to make this! Only I know I'll never find any space for them =S I'm not a really crafty person either- I've always wanted to make a scrapbook but then half way through making one page, I'll lose patience and give up....hehe. Plus my lack of artistic talent means that it always end up ugly anyway =)

  3. hii..first time here..yummy reicpes....beautiful blog...happy to follow visit my space


  4. I love crafting! Creating something is the best! And you did an awesome job! I love all of your cute stands. Beautiful!

  5. No I am terrible, not arty or crafty at all but sometimes I am forced to get crafty to get what I need. I have just bought some little square dishes to make little stands for my son's birthday as I could not find any. Yours look lovely, like the one with the bow the best.

  6. what a fantastic idea! it looks very nice as well as you can tailor it to anyone! love this idea!

  7. Yes im into arts and crafts too!! these are sooo cute what a creative idea, thanks for sharing!

  8. Very cute indeed! I dibble dable into arts and crafts but never really do much of it, jack of all trades but master of none when it comes to creative stuff.

  9. Ooo these are so cute and so creative! I like the heart one the most. And yes, I love arts and craft :D

  10. Wow, such a simple yet cute and effective idea! These are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing the creativity.

  11. dude that is brilliant! particularly love the 2nd last one!

  12. These are FABULOUS! I'm so copying you! :)


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