Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Fondant fun: Hot chocolate cupcakes

Now that's a cupcake.. get it? get it?! Cup!Cake! Bahahaha... Ok, ok, I'm sorry.. that was lame :P

Recently I entered a made these little hot chocolate look-a-like cupcakes.. it was one of those Sunday afternoons when I got the creative itch, but it had to be something different. I really enjoyed making my Little Macs (Cheeseburger Macarons) last month, and I thought another look-a-like baking activity would be fun.

To give you an idea of the actual size, here is the cupcake pictured next to a regular size teacup.

Unfortunately I don't have step-by-step photos for these.. Sticky hands, much valued camera.. you get the picture. So hopefully these instruction will give you an idea of how I created these cupakes.

1, To make these cupcakes I first made a batch of vanilla cupcakes. Then, once cooled, I peeled off the cupcake papers.
2. I then smoothed white chocolate ganache over the sides, leaving the base and top uncovered.
3. Once the ganache had set (about 30 minutes), I attached a measured strip of white RTR fondant. The strip was wide enough to match the height of the cupcake and to give room to hold the cupcake icing to follow.
4. To attach the cup handle I lay the cupcake on their sides and attached a small strip of fondant with a little water.
5. Next I made the italian meringue icing (see below), which I coloured brown with brown food colouring.
6. I then carefully spooned the icing into the 'cups' and smoothed gently then topped with miniature marshmallows.

Italian Meringue Icing (AWW recipe)
A beautiful and versatile icing, italian meringue is creamy, soft and volumous.

1 c (200g) caster sugar
1/3 c water (80 ml) water
2 egg whites

1. Combine the sugar and water in a small saucepan, and stir over heat without boiling until the sugar is dissolved.
2. Boil uncovered without stirring until the syrup reaches 116 degrees on a candy thermometer. The syrup should be thick but not coloured. Remove from heat and allow the bubbles to subside.
3. Beat the egg whites with an electric mixer to soft peaks. With the motor running, add the hot syrup in a thin, stead stream.
4. Beat on high speed for about 10 minutes, or until the mixture is thick and glossy.

In this picture, you can see how lovely and shiny this icing is...

So there you have it, a little bit of fondant fun. I don't think I'll ever get bored of playing with ready to roll (RTR) fondant - it makes me feel like a kid again!

Happy baking, dear readers :)

Ladybird x


  1. You have just taken cupcakes to the next level !!!! Simply Awesome.

  2. oh wow. very cool. such a shame to cut up :-)

  3. Love- this is so cute. P.S I didn't know you were originally from Brisbane! Thanks for your comment .

  4. Anna you are the cupcake wiz!
    When are we going to be seeing Ladybird bakery? :P

  5. So sweet - I thought they were baked in tiny espresso cups at first.

  6. I love it! Too cute! I just may have to attempt to do my own version... yeah right! ha.

  7. These are so unbelievably cute and creative! 'Cupcake' is the perfect name for them!

  8. oh gosh, your a genius! I thought they were real cups! Theyre completely adorable :)


  9. In awe, I didn't realise the cups weren't china! You're so clever and creative.

  10. Looks awesome! You really fooled me too! :)

  11. Awww...too cute. A cupcake disguised as a cup!

  12. Love, love, LOVE this!!! How ingenious...and very creative! Well done :)

  13. This is so cool! When I saw the first picture I was thinking huh? Where's the fondant? =D
    You're so creative!

  14. These cupcakes are awesome! And they looks so gooooood!!

  15. These are ADORABLE! Thanks for the instructions:)

  16. Wonderful cupcakes, Ladybird. I shall serve them at my November 5th Bonfire Party (I'm British: Guy Fawkes, the Gunpowder Plot, 1605 and all that?)About to print them out now.


  18. Where is the fondant from step three being used? I thought the sides of the cup were from #2.


  19. Wow.I did actually think they were normal cups of chocolate, but that's amazing. I think you should start up a business if you haven't already:)

  20. Hi everyone, thanks for all of your comments - glad you liked the post!

    For those of you asking, the fondant in Step 3 is used to wrap around the cupcake to form the 'cup'. Then it is the fondant from step 4 that is used to form the cup's handle.

  21. I'm stunned, speechless... almost. It's great.

  22. Thank you for the new post! quirky addict x

  23. These are nothing short of amazing. You are very talented!

  24. Those look amazing :) When you're wrapping the fondant, how do you prevent the creasing and make it look the way it does in the picture?

  25. Please tell me you do this for a living? This kind of talent is wasted if you're doing something else for a career! Beautiful and imaginative and fun looking stuff! Well done.

  26. Cool.....

    This is very innovative!!!

  27. You are famous :D
    Love your work!

  28. the best cupcakes ever!!! you should win this contest...


    ... and it's open to international entries!!!


  30. I love these! I wanted to let you know that I featured these on my weekly bookmarks post.


  31. U rock! thnx for sharing!

  32. Linking back to you in my Friday Faves post today:o) Thanks for sharing...ingenious;o)

  33. These are really cute! I can't wait to try and make them (although I know I won't be able to get them to look as cute as yours!)

  34. These are absolutely amazing. I shared the post on my facebook page:

    Thank you!

  35. Amazing cup cakes!
    I'm going to to share it on my blog: http://csu162.blogspot.com/, and thank you so much!

  36. omg :o that's so cool :D

  37. Es precioso! que idea tan bonita y tan apetecible!!

  38. Ohh! That's really cool! I agree with the other commenters... You've taken cupcake making to the next level!

  39. I've done something similar to this, but instead of the Italian Meringue Icing, I used simple Ganache. This is a great, simple and fun way to impress your guests.

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  41. Hi, loved these so much I made my own copy cat version, put a link to your blog to give you proper credit, you can have a look at my attempt here.


    thanks for the inspiration!

  42. Could you tell me the ingredients and all the steps?

  43. this so amazing....it must have taken a lot of time to create this!!!!!!!

  44. You combined two of my favorites...hot chocolate and cake...Yum!!!

  45. This is awesome.

    Gonna try them myself, but I'll be substituting the Italian meringue icing with normal ganache because I can never make them right... :)

    Thanks for the great inspiration!

  46. this is so nice la wehyy...<3

  47. We're doing this for my baby shower :) The color of the marshmallows will be dependent on the gender of my baby! :D

  48. Just saw this on Pinterest. SO COOL.

  49. FANTASTICCCCC!!!!! I did them: it's easy but I put black chocolate ganache on the top .

  50. Wow! Absolutely love how adorable these are! I can't wait to create them to go with the hot chocolate bar I put together for Christmas parties!

  51. I'm making these soon and I'll be sure to give you credit in my post, total genius!

  52. WOW, WOW, and WOW!!!

  53. Just made a variation of these as Wedgewood Tea cups for my father-in-law's 79th birthday. Everyone was impressed. Thanks for the inspiration!

  54. I´ve found this blog surfing the internet and I´ve just loved it. Awesome , I´m in Spain...

  55. I would love to do these. I was wondering how you managed to put the cupcake into the two halves of the coffee cup, and then I realized the cup was really an edible part of the cupcake. Wow!

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  58. wow that is excellent! i bake, but that surely is the most novel idea i've come across. happy baking into the future... xooxx

  59. wow that is excellent! i bake, but that sure is the most novel idea i've come across! happy baking into the future xoxo

  60. I'm really confused...
    How did you make the "cups"?
    And where is the brown meringue?

  61. What kind of fondant did you use?

  62. Hey I'd like to try these for next weekend but I can't seem to find where/what you added to make the meringue icing chocolate? Did you just add some cocoa powder - if so how much?

  63. n/m found it *face palm* (brown food colouring)


  65. Wow! Didn't realize that the cakes where in icing....thought that they are inReal coffee cups! Which is an idea that I have seen before, I will say in my own defence...:-

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