Monday, 7 June 2010

Barmuda Café, Newtown

Barmuda Café in Newtown holds a special place in my heart. I'm being soppy, I know.. But let me tell the story!

A couple of years ago I visited the café for the first time during a trip to Sydney with Mr Ladybird. At the time we were living in Brisbane and thinking about heading south to make a fresh start in a new city.

During our trip we were staying in Australia St, Newtown and were looking for a place to enjoy a good coffee and some breeakfast. We quickly stumbled upon Barmuda Café and the smells of fresh coffee and breakfast invited us inside.

It was during our first breakfast together at Barmuda that we seriously discussed the possibility of moving to Sydney. Maybe it was the diverse vibe of Newtown that attracted me. Or maybe it was the ambience of the cafe. Or maybe, just maybe, it was the taste of these ricotta hotcakes that sweetened the prospect. At any rate, we decided that a move to Sydney would be a very good idea... And so I now fondly refer to these Ricotta Hotcakes as.. The Life Changing Hotcakes. A big call, I know, but it's not that far-fetched! Beside the life changing factor, they are very nice, with oozy blobs of soft ricotta throughout...

Ricotta Hotcakes with Berry Compote and Maple Syrup

So now that we live in Sydney, we try to make it back to Barmuda occasionally. Unfortunately, the Newtown traffic and parking situation is a slight deterrent, but I'm always glad when we return.


Mr Ladybird enjoyed his favourite cooked breakfast with all the trimmings... including a fantastic, crunchy potato cake (far better than any processed hashbrown out there!)

Planet Newtown

Mr Ladybird got to catch up on his World Cup reading over coffee , and I was happy to watch Newtown locals going about their day and take some photos. Check out this adorable little boy and his puppy :)

All in all a nice breakfast on a (at long last!) sunny winter morning at one of my favourite cafés in Sydney's inner west.
I forgot to take note of the prices of our coffees and dishes. However as an estimate, coffees are average price (about $3.50). Breakfast dishes are between $10 to $15.
283 Australia St
(02) 9516 3341

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Ladybird x


  1. Awww what a nice story and it sounds like you have some very significant, happy memories here! :D

  2. that is such a lovely story- an even better, you get to eat ricotta hotcakes as a reminder.

  3. It's the stories behind the food that make the food. Those caffe lattes look pretty impressive too!

  4. Lovely story... like you, certain restaurants also hold a special place in my heart, mostly because of the "history" behind it but also for the great food. I'll make sure to try Barmuda when I am in Newtown next.


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